Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tube free day

Rare quiet moment

So far Aiden is doing pretty well with the tube out, he does need to get used to it not being there. He's only had it almost all of his young life, all bout one week of it in fact. His body is going to need some time to adjust. At the moment he really doesn't like to be laid on his back he has to be at an angle. I think he's getting heart burn becasue the tube kept everything open and so it needs to get use to it not being there and start closing more! Think the thing he likes the most is not wearing mittens, every time I put them on him he got so mad at me that yes he likes them gone and is grabbing everything he can!

Now Connor's response to the tube being pulled was definitely funny ad well definitely Connor. He started jumping up and down happy going yay yay yay we can go to the zoo now! He obviously remembered that we told him we didn't want to go to the zoo until after the feeding tube got pulled.  Though its much to hot to be going to the zoo atm. Aiden has already shown that he really doesn't like heat and it is really hot right now. So much so that the fire season here has been terrible. Every time I turn the news on a new fire has started. This is definitely a rough year for fires.

Lastly wanted to mention something that's stuck on my mind, probably on the mind of a lot of people who live in Utah. A little girl was raped and killed a few days ago in a neighborhood near my parent's house. On my way to pick up my boys I saw many pink and purple ribbons tied around trees and poles. My heart aches for her family  I feel so bad for this 6 year old girl whose life was cut short. I hope they found who did this, my heart goes out to her family, I can't begin to imagine how hard this must all be for them.


Telisha Garris said...

As a parent I am terrified of bad people! I also hope they catch him - and do something of a permanent nature to him.
I am so happy that Aiden is now off the feeding tube!
When do you go back to see if his heart has healed anymore?
I am still praying that they last whole will close on its own!
Any time you want to go to the zoo - call me! I would love to go with you!

Heather said...

He goes in August but I don't think there going to look at the hole that time, no echo has been scheduled just an EKG, I imagine they want to wait a while before checking again. My niece ( well shes kind of a niece) had a hole in her heart and thy didn't do surgery on it until she was about 5. So yeah think they'll give a lot of time for it to close on its own. And I don't think we'll be going to the zoo until the fall think the heat would be t hard on Aiden!