Sunday, July 24, 2011

Extraordinary Measures

Inspired by an incredible true story, the CBS Films docudrama portrays one father's desperate quest to save his children from succumbing to a rare life-threatening genetic disorder. Working-class father John Crowley (Brendan Fraser) is finally on the fast track to corporate success when his two young children, Megan and Patrick, are diagnosed with Pompe disease -- a condition that prevents the body from breaking down sugar. In time, it disables the heart and the muscles, ultimately resulting in death. With the support of his wife, Aileen (Keri Russell), John ditches his career and teams with unconventional specialist Dr. Robert Stonehill (Harrison Ford) to found a bio-tech company and develop a cure in time to save the lives of Megan and Patrick. As Dr. Stonehill works tirelessly to prove the theories that made him the black sheep of the medical community, a powerful bond is forged between the two unlikely allies. Still, their greatest struggle is yet to come.

Ok first off I know I do not do many movie reviews but this one, this one had speaks meaning to me. Now I do not have a sick kid who is going to died. Which I know is a blessing. How this movie spoke to me was showing how hard it is to get the research done. Having worked in labs trying to find answers over cancer I know how hard it is to get the money to do it. I went through three research jobs in two and a half years because of funding. Labs work by grants which only last usually for a year and if they are not renewed the lab looses its funds and the research for the last year cannot be continued.

The really bad part about all of this is people are impatient they want results NOW science does not work like this usually. It takes time. The only way to move it faster is to get more money AND a lot of people on it which normally doesn't happen. The sad thing I saw while in the labs was the ones with the PHds spent all there time trying to get money and not helping with research the lower degrees ( like me) did the work.

Now one thing this movie showed that someone with no education with research but had the need to find the cure if working had enough, getting money and what not can help find a cure. Unlike the scientists having a sick and dieing child is motivation to find a cure, another good movie and true story is Lorenzo's Oil.

One part in the movie which is sadly true for most cases is keeping the scientists from seeing people who have the disease they do not want to make it humanized for them. Which I never much cared for. Though Huntsman Cancer Institute for a time was different the patients and scientists had to ride the same elevator each day. I feel this was done on purpose. Give us a glimpse of whom we are trying to help. I don't feel this causes a problem, it gives you motivation!

This has now changed since they opened the new Cancer hospital, which I had the privilege of taking a tour of before it as opened. The facility is awesome I hope they are able to help many people.

So in conclusion if you ever curious on why research can take so long I definitely recommend this movie!

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Blessed Rain said...

Sounds like an incredible movie - can't believe I haven't heard of it yet!
Thanks for the recommend.