Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Little man

So my little one didn't nap today, well unless fifteen minutes in the car counts which I'm not counting. Hate days he fights his sleep he becomes extra moody and overall grumpy. Little tasks I ask of him become huge battles *sigh*. He almost always fights his naps now getting him to sit down for a few minutes is a fight and a nap? Yeah not easy. Anymore car rides is the only thing that gets him to sleep which isn't always practical. He also for a time was doing decent with potty training going and sitting on the potty all by himself without us asking. Suddenly he just won't do it anymore. I bought him underwear so he could try it on and see how they feel to motivate him. I can't even get them on him he keeps saying there to big, which in Connor speak is he's feels he's to little for them. *sigh* running out of ideas to get him going with training!

Doesn't help that right now I'm tired, sick to my stomach and dizzy right now. I've also had a ton of blonde moments at work! Can't seem to do anything right oh well :/.

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Blessed Rain said...

With my little man - he was a YAY junkie! (not kidding he stills wants praise for going potty).
Prissy wanted stickers and every now and then skittles.
Find something that works and exploit the hell out of it!!
Hopefully your morning (yeah right) will end soon.