Thursday, July 21, 2011


I think I want to change the name of this blog Rainbow kitties just doesn't fit, only problem is i do not know what would fit. I'm terrible at adding titles. I named it after my graphics journal. I had a friend help me name it because I made color bars and I love kitties. in case you do not know what a color bar is I'll add a few to this post. I still remember how to make them though I haven't made one in quiet a long time.


Blessed Rain said...

Green Geek (referring to your job title)
Cross Stitching Geek (funny but I wouldn't)
Nerd Mama
Chem Packin' Mama
The Sweet Geek's Blog (Nice ring)
Geeky Musings (also nice)
The Random Ramblings of a Nerd Mom

Hmmm... is there any word or part of you that you would like highlighted? I could throw random names at you forever! ;)
Most of the corny but hey its fun!

Blessed Rain said...

Any one thing about yourself you want to highlight? I took from your description under the rainbow kitties to throw those together.
If you point me in a certain direction I might be able to come up with something you might not want to kill me for.

Heather said...

Not sure why but I like The Sweet Geek's Blog

Blessed Rain said...

It suits you! ;)

Blessed Rain said...

Yup heather you are just the toughest Bad A## on the block! LOL
I get riled easily and I wonder why so many people think where you born matters? Its like guilt by association ;)