Saturday, July 16, 2011

Goodbyes are never easy

Yesterday at work was hard. It was the last day for one of my co-workers. One I got along with well. I'm not one to make friends easily or even allow people to get close to me. I have some pretty heavy duty shields anymore. Been hurt to many times and I'm scared to let people get to close. To many times I've been stabbed in the back or used by someone I had trusted. Her I let in more then others not all the way at all. I'm fairly certain she was a more important acquittance to me then I was to her. But that's OK her antiques made some of the more stressful moments a little better.

I remember one time she found out we were trying for a second one and stole a piece of my hair to give it to her voodoo doll, Bubba. Saying he was going to give me twins. I should probably mention she is from New Orleans, big time Catheloic and overall jockster. I joked with her that if I ended up with twins I was driving out to Cali to kick her butt. Course she joked that thing they said about voodoo was it came back on the person performing it three fold so we always joked she'd end up with 6.

Work isn't going to be the same without her you just never knew what was going to come out of her mouth :/. She made the days a little easier.


Blessed Rain said...

I am sorry - its hard to replace competency and personality.
Your job seems to pay really bad so they are always training and then losing them because they aren't competitive.
IT would save them money in the long run if they would just pay well enough to KEEP a trained employee!

Dawn Marie said...

I'm sorry you have another friend to say good bye to. I'm also very sorry to hear that people would stab you in the back, I'd handle that for you if I could. You deserve to be treated so much better.

Heather said...

well with her she was going to leave no matter what money wasn't the issue they were here because her husband was going to school he got a training job in Cali which could end up being nearer to New Orleans her real home. Which I hope she does get back there some day.