Saturday, July 23, 2011

Utah holiday weekend

So I have changed the title of my blog a few people would find it rather funny that I actually used a particular word in it. That being sweet. Back in High School I remember getting so annoyed by what everyone wrote in my year book. The word showed up in at least 90 percent of the comments left. The phrase you are such a sweet girl, showed up over and over again. Why it bugged me so much back then I'm not sure but it did. And as one of my High School friends said I was the only person she knew that the word sweet could be used. What makes a person sweet anyways? never been able to answer that. or explain why so many people labeled me as such.

Tomorrow is July 24th and for anyone not in Utah it'd be a normal day but here its pioneer day, a day I personally do not celebrate besides getting the day off. I plan on staying in each night because one thing I am not good with is fireworks, and since they changed the laws this year and people can now do ones that shoot up in the air I think I'll just stay inside thank you.

Yes fireworks is one of my wired little fears we all have them , my hubby hates spiders and my little guy right now for some strange reason is scared of the shower head. Some of us have reasons behind our fears like for me when I was four I had a firework fall into my hair. Didn't hurt me just scared me. Now Connor he doesn't seem to like water falling on his head, why I don't know I don't think he likes water near his face. he also doesn't like messes at all. He won't play in sand doesn't like it on his feet and even when he plays outside in the pool or water he has to wear shoes. Which is definitely different from his Hawaiian roots. When we visit family they never wear shoes when playing in the yard. And he did that while we were there but he was about a year and half then and has picked up some of his own quirks since then. Though the sand one ha had even then. We took him to the beach and yes I had to sit on a beach towel the whole time with him in my lap because he wouldn't take one step in the sand. A picture of Connor with his cousins are below he is farthest to the right. And see only one with shoes!

And on a side note Connor is suddenly singing his ABCs by himself.

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Blessed Rain said...

Sweet - passively nice, unable to yell, scream or say harsh mean words with any amount of venom or heat.

See Sweet.
Don't worry in your case you could literally sugar tooth any meanies away.

I actually allowed the kids to be apart of a firework thing this year - it was a bad very hours but I still managed some nice photos.

As for your little dude - all kids go through phases LM went through almost two years where he wouldn't wear shorts. This year finally he put that off to the side and now wears "short pants."