Saturday, January 14, 2012

30 weeks

So my dues date is 10 weeks away! I finally got to Babies R Us and used my Christmas money/ gifts cards to buy some of what I need. I finally feel more ready now! I have been so behind on getting tings done, my house needs to be cleaned badly but I got a really bad cold and didn't do much the past 2 weeks because of it. It unfortunately hit the worse on my birthday of all days! I ended up working only 2 hours and went home and slept for 4. My birthday has never been taken as a big deal now that I'm an adult but this was by far one of the worse I've ever had, oh well there's always next year!

Lets see.. I went to my Doctor on Tuesday for my normal checkup. The Monday before that I had the sugar test done to check for Gestational Diabetes. That test isn't the funnest you need to drink this very sugary orange drink in order 5 minutes. Well the first time I did it, it didn't bother me at all, but with a bad cold made it worse. I had a cough attack in the middle of it and ended up throwing up just little nothing bad really. just yuck. the funny part of it was my little guy seemed to have a sugar rush during it and was moving around like crazy! Which with this one a lot of movement is rare. He is a lot softer with kicks and less hyper then my first pregnancy.

Oh one more big thing we finally have a middle name! It took hubby forever to decide on what to use finally me saying my due date is in ten weeks got his butt in gear. For those who don't know my hubby is Hawaiian and his family  has a tradition to use Hawaiian middle names, many have phrases that can get a little long. My older son has one that's a bit long, just don't feel like typing out right now. Anyways my little one who will be coming in March's name will be Aiden Keoki. Keiko is the Hawaiian version of the name Gorge, the name of my grandfather. now I had nothing to do with choosing the middle name, but I love it. Hubby did it all on his own. think after hearing do many stories about my grandpa told by my dad he wanted to use that for the middle name :). Apparently when he told my dad what name he had chosen for the middle name my dad almost cried. So yup that's the name!

Ok I really went of topic of what I was originally going to mention lol. My appointment on Tuesday overall was really good. I do not have gestational diabetes and I am not anemic, which means no more blood test for me! I also had my rhogam shot which wasn't that bad. If your wondering what I rhogam shot is for it is because my blood type is negative and hubby's is positive if the little one I am carrying is positive and his blood mingles at all with mine my body will make antibodies against it. Now if I wanted to get pregnant after this one the antibodies would attack the baby and cause miscarriages.  Now I am done having kids after this one I wanted two! I want to kids and I'm done I know no girl but that's OK I'll be more then happy with my boys! I am getting sick of people apologizing to me that I will have two boys and not a boy and a girl was I upset about it at first? A little but I'm over it. I'm happy now with the idea of two boys. Lastly I've only gained 6 pounds so far this pregnancy which being over weight from the start I am also happy with that. maybe this time around I will have an easier time to shed weight after this one is born,. I know I will be more motivated after Connor I had zero motivation to loose weight because I knew I wanted a second child and kept thinking why go through all of that just to have it come back on with the second pregnancy? Yes I gained a bit of weight the first time around.

So overall this has been a good pregnancy only ahd minor hiccups the only problem now is one I am hoping isn't a problema t all and if it Aiden does have a heart problem then we will deal with it.  I go in friday for the test. My Doctor did hint that if he had the heart condition that we will be discussing more on due date/ inducing which ok makes sense they probably want to have control over when he comes here to make sure the right people are there to check him out. Though I am due the 23rd I'd love it if he comes the 17th! A St. Patrick baby would be cool! I probably won't have much information until the 27th my next normal appointment with my OBGYN.

OK now cross stitch update.  I finished the bib on December 31st and am working on an ornament I started for Connor a while ago. Below are pictures of both :).

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Telisha Garris said...

Grandpa was Awesome! My grandmother (Georgia like my little girl) was a St. Patties day woman!
My favorite holiday! Love it!