Thursday, January 26, 2012

Long week

It has not been a fun week for well obvious reasons of course and a few less. On top of everything I've had a really bad cold. Been coughing really bad every day so much so I usually end up throwing up.. probably a little bit of to much information there but yeah its not been fun. What I wouldn't give to just veg right now, but well not going to happen. I gotta go to work can't take time off need to save as much as I can for little A! Only good thing is I have a doctor appointment with my OBGYN tomorrow. So o on top of having many questions one being if he can be the one delivering little A or if I will be getting a different Dr. I'm also now going to be bringing this never ending cold.

 Have so many worries of the up and coming month. Including how I am going to pay for it all. I have a good idea of how much it will cost though. My insurance has a limit on how much we pay over an entire year which is $6,0000. now we do not have that much money and several needed home repairs will be thrown on the back burner its still a lot better then i was thinking. just wish we could fix our garage, but it will wait. Our garage door opener isn't really working it won't close or open without us helping it open and close its sucks but hey you got to pick and choose what you can afford and it'll have to wait.

My other worry is the cute boy in the picture above. He's use to being the center of attention now I knew this would change no matter what after little A is born, but with my little one to be having a heart defect it'll make things a little harder. I'm worried that Connor will have issues with understanding that he needs to be extra gentle to his brother when he gets home. I mean yes you need to be gentle with newborns period, but he'll have had heart surgery and Connor is still pretty little to fully understand that his brother will need a gentle touch and extra attention. I guess we will cross hat bridge when we come to it!


Telisha Garris said...

Pay what you can on the hospital bill and make monthly arrangements on the rest - Trust me it will be worth it!
6,000 is nothing compared to what the whole bill will end up being. For my girls birth, hospital stay & my health issues it ended up totaling 22,000.
That was for 4 days, blood, monitoring and NO surgery involved! EEEK!

Heather said...

Oh know that it'll be NOTHING compared to the bill! Was talking to a friend at work who had her girl 2 months early 15 years ago. She was in the NICU for a month, no surgery and it was over 100,000! Eek!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Can't believe they charge BABIES for health care. OMG! I know that adults have to pay and many people have insurance to cover it. But BABIES! As if you don't have enough to worry about already.
What do they do if you can't pay? Repossess the baby? That's a joke, ok. I hope they don't.

I did see a woman on LA Ink who'd adopted a baby because the birth parents couldn't afford to keep her as they'd been told she'd be disabled. This woman was so happy because the little girl was less disabled than they'd predicted but I felt so sorry for the birth parents who'd had to give her up.
You can't believe that sort of thing goes on in the 21stC in the Western World, can you?