Friday, January 27, 2012

32 weeks

Well I went and saw my OBGYN today and first off told him how sick I've been and I've been put on antibiotics because my cold has been lasing much to long here hopes it works! Overall I had a rough day. He won't be able to be the one who can deliver little A :/. Basically I had two options one was to start seeing a Doctor up at the U. Which I admit I didn't want to do. First off they don't take my insurance so the cost would be more, they are also a drive which once A gets here I won't care but right now I do. I do not want to take off mroe time then absolutly needed right now which I would hvae to do if I went up there for my regular appointments! I need ALL of the time I can get for when my little one gets here!

So I opted for choice two where I can continue to see the Doctor I am seeing now but go see a high risk Doctor in that Hospital who can go up and deliver my little boy. Its only about 15 minutes from my work so  I feel more comfortable with it. I may not know the Doctor whom I go to well but hey when I had Connor I got stuck with a on call Doctor anyways so you never know who you get in the end!

Lastly I agreed to something that in the past I would never had agreed to. My mom asked me if she could be in the room with me when I had little A. In the past I just wanted hubby there, but this time it will be different. One it will giver her a chance to see my little guy before he's rushed to another building and two I'll have someone with me after they take my little one away. Hubby will be going with Aiden and yes I need someone by my side so that will be my mom.

Oh almost forgot to add a link that had me crying today.. wasn't there first time now the last. I've been over-ally emotional. Like I've said hard week, been sick stuff at work not working, to the point I have to go in tomorrow and well also the most obvious reason as well.  Any who here is the link: A little long but worth reading! This all started from a story shown on the news were a donor heart was being transported to another hospital and it got dropped, was fine but dropped and the anchors taking about the story found it to be rather funny. Which upset the CHD community (congenital heart defect).


Telisha Garris said...

I am with you dropping a heart is NOT funny. They are rare, hard to come by, pain filled objects.
One person has died so that another may live ~ I don't find anything about the process to be funny.
In fact the show, Return to Me, is one my favorites but I can't ever watch it and not cry.
Praying for you!

The Richards said...

Thank you for posting that link. Made me want to yell "AMEN!!"