Saturday, January 21, 2012

My rock

There was so much information given yesterday that I did not touch upon all or most of it. First thing is after the echogram they brought us into a consultation room, very warm colors, comfortable chairs and Kleenex boxes everywhere. By that point I already suspected what they were going to tell us because the Doctor said certain things during the echo that had me on high alert. Now amazingly I did not cry in that room, didn't happen until afterwards. Hubby helped a lot. He'll be my rock in all of this . He's much stronger when it comes to these thigns then I am but he's been there, ina  different way but yes been there.

He himself has chronic asthma and when only 2 weeks old had an asthma attack that almost killed him. his younger brother was stillborn and they revived him. They had told his family his brother would always have problems and would never be able to do anything on his own. Well he now has four girls and works and does just fine on his own! His sister was a preemie and she's fine as well. Now there has been tragedy in his family as well. His oldest brother at 11 years of age was hit and killed by a man ion drugs. I guess all of this has made him very strong with all of this. his attitude right now is well the surgery will make him stronger. Yes those weeks will be hard but its a small part of his life and he will need it to live a normal life. I can''t argue with him there its still a lot to deal with those three weeks will be so beyond difficult.

Now one other thing they touched upon is how he will be feed. He will be feed by a tube for the first three weeks and they generally after they take more to the bottle the the breast at first. Now they are all set up for this as well. My room will be supplied with a breast pump so I can start pumping once he is here and well fed. I will of course need to keep it up after I am discharged which won;t be a problem I already have bought a pump knowing I would need one when I went back to work.

I've also gotten a few messages from people on a abbay board I go to one which is really nice know:

They thought my son had that and life flighted him from Logan to Primary's. There I met a couple who had like 3 boys (I think, maybe 4) anyways, they said each one of their boys had the coarctation (which I guess is REALLY rare for it to run in families like that). They told me that the surgery was really simple (relatively speaking of course) and that there most recent kid (who was there at the time) was just going in to have it done. At that point they barely seemed concerned. So anyways, I am tell you this just cause perhaps it will help you not stress so much as I guess it is a VERY routine surgery for them at Primary's. The Dr's there are fantastic, as are the nurses!! I am sorry you have to deal with this, but Primary's is a GREAT hospital and your baby couldn't be in better hands!!


Telisha Garris said...

You married an amazing man and I am so glad that he is there with you during all of this!
Praying that everything will be perfect!

Rhianna said...

'K' has always been an awesome guy, one of the bet friends anyone could ever ask for. I'm so glad he's got the strength for you to lean on right now and such a great outlook. We had a very small scare when I was pregnant with Noa and just that little thing had me so anxious. I can't imagine how panicked I'd feel in your shoes.

I' thrilled you'll still be able to feed him. Supposedly formula these days is almost as good (some say even better) than the real thing but I prefer breast feeding and would have been so sad had my medical condition made me unable.

I wish they could find a way Connor could at least see Aiden. I imagine it's gonna be hard for him.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

It sounds like you're getting some good support and information there. It will be tough but you'll get through it with the support of your lovely hubby and family.
The hospital seem really good too, esp with the feeding info. Getting your milk into him will make a huge difference to him in the early days, there are so many reasons why SCBU babies need breastmilk but I expect you already know that!
Please keep us posted xxx