Friday, March 30, 2012

Big day

I am very happy to say that my little guy has been moved out of the ICU and up stairs to where they start preparing the little ones to come home :). I was beginning to wonder if he would ever be moved but he has been! I must say it was very strange not going to the CICU.  Felt much more comfortable in his new room, not so much on display on now!

Really do not have that much to write about today they did the swallow test and it came back inconclusive so there going to do more testing before they try to bottle feed him. only other thing is he's still on oxygen.

Guess the only other thing I can write about is some people say the most stupid things around me. Like you  should count yourself luckily that hes in the hospital you can sleep at night...... wow really? My response I still wake up at night and I would give anything to be woken by a crying baby over my stupid cell phones alarm!  I've end up crying many times in the middle of the night because hes not there.


Telisha Garris said...

People (myself included) end up saying really dumb things just because we (they) want to help and don't know how.
How can you comfort a mother who has gone and is going through what you have?

Heres something just for you!

Kerrigan said...

I think sometimes they mean well but really have no clue.Great to hear you are on the road to coming home.Baby steps....

Dawn Black said...

I'm so sorry. I hope he's home soon!