Thursday, May 3, 2012

Feeding tube fun.

So I've gone back to work and that's made it hard for me to update my blog, just isn't enough time in the day! I'm getting on my computer maybe  three times a week for a half hour or so. Basically go on to get things taken care off then I'm off again. Going back to work hasn't been great at all, don't won't to go into it just *sigh*.

Notice anything different in this picture?  Yes his feeding tube is on the other side, lets just say that was fun... not. So Sunday night we are over at my Mom's house and I go to change his milk and when I try to start it its says no flow in. Turns out its clogged we tried everything but could not get it to unclog, been able to get it unclogged in the past. So at about 6:30 we kiss Connor good bye, thankfully grandma and grandpa were able to watch him yay, and head to Primary Riverton. The only area opened that night was the ER.  So 4 hours later and three attempts at declogging the feeding tube, plus a big copay ugh, we were told that they could not replace the feeding tube there and had to go all the away up to the U, about an hour drive from where we were at.  we were not happy about that at all.. why it took that long to tell us we had to go somewhere else was beyond frustrating.

So extra happy that Connor was soundly sleeping at Grandma's we took the drive up. Once we got there I had to argue with the woman checking us in. we were suppose to be checked n as an out patient, had papers that said it and everything and she kept wanting to register us as an ER patient which would have meant another big copay!Well we finally got registered as an out patient and 5 minuets after sitting down we were taken  back after another five minute wait they had is in the back and his feeding tube was removed and a new one added to the other side. They asked me which side to have it on and I decided to have it put into the other side because I figured the side of his face that had it for over a month needed a break  from the tape. he was a bit cranky after that, imagine it would feel uncomfortable having a tube put down your throat! So we finally got home at 1 am minus a three year old (he stayed the night at Grandma's). I didn't get to sleep until after 2 that night and got up at 6 and went to work... yes I was tired!

Oh one last thing! Yesterday marked a month since Aiden came home! I can't believe its been that long already. Time sure does fly.

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Telisha Garris said...

wow - life sure has been interesting for you the last several months. Can't wait until they take the tube out for good.