Saturday, May 26, 2012

No more clogs.... please?

Sp these two put me through the ringer this week. I'm tired of ER visits lets just start by saying that. Those who are friends on my facebook didn't get the everything that happened I didn't post about one of our trips.

Tuesday night Connor who gets constipated from time to time got bad with it. he was jumping up and down screaming in pain. It came to the point that yes we headed to the ER He hadn't gone potty since Sunday night and even that one had been a lot of work for him. So were waiting for the Doctor and he's in pain and keeps saying the Doctor will help me over and over and we kept saying yes they will. Well he starts jumping up and down again crying in pain and... poops about 5 minutes before the Doctor comes in... yeah. So she comes in and checks.. no more blockage. were given some advice to help him in the future and discharged after being charged the Er copay.

We get home I sleep maybe 2 hours and get up to get ready for work give Aiden his medicine by his tube and it clogs! So instead of going to work I go up to PCMC who can't accommodate us in the RTU instead we have to go to the ER and have ANOTHER ER copay. Waited around for a while take to the x-ray room the Doc comes in and decided to try to unclog it.. I tried for about a half hour before leaving my house. Well he gets it unclogged first shot. I'm swearing under my breath and head back to the room and wait to be discharged. I forgo going to work that day becasue Aiden  had an appointment at 1:30 so I would have only worked for an hour and a half. Not happening on two hours of sleep.

Now i did get some good news at his appointment I can give his medicine orally now so hopefully less clogs *crosses fingers*. Also found out he only gained 5 ounces in two weeks not much at all and he's now only in the 10 percentile . His doc isn't concerned hes gaining weight.'

we are also changing how hes being feed. Two hours less to hopefully force him to take some via bottle. He is trying to drink from the bottle yet but not getting much. well see.


Telisha Garris said...

Don't you just get all the fun - really praying your life becomes normal and dull soon - very very soon!

Dawn Black said...

Sorry you've had so many ER visits! I hope they both do better soon.

Heather said...

Well Connor is doing better we've cut down on his dairy intake and increased his fiber intake and that seems to have helped a lot! Though we did read a cause of that in young kids is a stressful life changing event.. hmm wonder what that could be....