Saturday, May 19, 2012

Swallow, clog, trip

The 16th ended up being a very long day. Its started off with Little A's swallow test. it was hard to watch, last time he had done so well with the bottle I had assumed he would have no problem with it this time. Unfortunately I was wrong. Him throwing up stomach acid the other week really pushed all of his accomplishments back. He simply would not take the bottle and swallow the fluids. They ended up pippetting the fluid into his mouth he did not pass for thin fluids but he did for thick fluids. So I can now give him small amounts of thick fluids by  mouth. Hopefully with work I will get him to start drinking from a bottle so far he hasn't but were working on it.

After the test I took little A over to grandma's whom a few hours after I got back to work called me becasue Aiden's feeding tube was clogged. So my dad and I headed up to PCMC after much work and effort it was unclogged so we didn't have to have his feeding tube changed. Yes I was very happy but it was short lived becasue my clumsy ass decided I hadn't been at PCMC enough that day.
Hubby cam home shortly after me and I was trying to get ready to head out to Wal Mart while he watched the kids. Well while I was getting things I was a dumb ass and ended up tripping on and pulling out his feeding tube! I was already really tired at that point and had a small melt own but yes headed back to PCMC and took a few pictures of little A because I didn't have many with him without a feeding tube. It was not the way I wanted to see/ take pictures of him without a tube but figured that since he didn't have one might as well take advantage of a bad situation.

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Telisha Garris said...

happy that you took such a great photo when you had the chance - sorry that the day was so very very long!