Sunday, May 13, 2012

2 months

Technically little A isn't two months until tomorrow but I figured it was close enough!

Stats: As of Wednesday (9th) my little guy was 10 pounds even and 21 and a half inches!

Diapers: Still using size 1.

Clothes: He still fits in newborn but starting to fit into 0-3 month clothes.

Eating: Still on his feeding tube, its been upped to 30mL per hour he has a swallow test on Wednesday hopefully he passes!

Sleeping: overall he sleeps well at night, though he has been grumpy right now for reasons that will be mentioned soon.

Milestones: He seems very observant now and is kicking and moving his arms a lot when he is awake.

Medical:  Ok well where to start... on Thursday his feeding tube clogged again and had to have another trip to PCMC. His feeding tube was replaced with a bigger one  that is less likely to clog though I found out the nurses told me wrong! they said not to flush it out with no more then 1-2mL the docs there told me that wasn't enough and causing the clogs grrr. SO it is now being flushed more properly!

Friday morning he ended up spiting up some yellow stuff, which is normal after having a trip to PCMC. The barium they give him makes him sick. Well later on he started spitting up green stuff that was causing his skin to go red. turns out it was bile and after spitting up more on Saturday morning we took another trip to PCMC.  They said it could be an obstruction in his tummy that could require surgery! So they wrapped up his legs and put more barium into his tummy so they could see via x-rays if he had an obstruction. After what felt like torturing my poor little guy, they had to keep moving him from his back to side to tummy and then start all over they saw no obstruction and no reason why he was throwing up bile.  they did pull his feeding tube up and the put it back and the doc said it was a little lower then it should be and could have been causing the irritation. Well so far today he has only spit up barium and no more green stuff! Personally I think it was the feeding tube irritating his tummy.

I was really worried about this whole thing considering he has been aspirating and I was worried he would do it on stomach acid, something that my grandfather had done end ended up dying from :/. SO yes I was very, very worried! The only other medical thing going on with him is his eyes. There is a chance that he may have a lazy eye (his right) and it needs to be checked. It does move slower then the other and seems off from his other eye. Sucky thing is the first available app for him to be seen is not until August 22nd!!!!!!!!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Look at him in his little shorts and shirt set! He's so cute. And at 10lbs he's reached my son's birth weight!
Don't worry about his eyes too much, lots of babies appear to have squints and lazy eyes at that age, they're still learning to see properly.

Heather said...

The concern about his eyes is that the medicine they had him on could cause problems with his eyes. His eyes were swollen shut for some time, I didn't even get to see them until he was 6 days old :/.

Telisha Garris said...

Green bile could also be something to do with the gallbladder (in case you have more issues have them check that)
ANNOYING! I hate it when you are told one thing then find out they didn't tell you the right thing!!!
Will be praying for Wednesday!