Sunday, May 27, 2012

The bottle dilemma

One thing has me very on edge right now and its feeding Aiden. I didn't know that the hardest part with him would be getting him off of the feeding tube and on to a bottle, but it is.  Last month he took a bottle like a champ and drank with no problems, he just couldn't swallow it well. Now he has passed to drink some from a bottle. He can have thicker liquids so I add a thickener to the breast milk and give it to him. if only I could get him to drink from the bottle! we decreased the amount of food he was getting by feeding tube in hopes to make him hungry and then maybe he would drink from a bottle.

Doesn't he looks so happy about the bottle??? Crap this isn't going well at all. So he is already little for his age and now getting less nutrition in hopes he would get it from a bottle he will not take!   Yes I am on edge about this whole thing, he never acts hungry... even during the times he's been off it longer then he should due to clogs... or a clumsy mom pulling his tube out. He does have rehab (speech therapy) in hopes to get him off of this damn tube, he just doesn't want to not since he threw up stomach acid :/.  One thing with his rehab is that we put flavored chap stick on his lips. We needed a variety of flavors and of course they only make them for girls so here is Aiden's chap stick!

Yes I bought Disney Princess what else was I suppose to get? he likes these and seems to like the flavor of the milk he just will not suck on the bottle. I ma so freaking worried right now that he is not getting enough food to keep him growing.. he already gained less at his last weight check and now were doing this! I just hope its doesn't stunt him anymore. I mean he is two and a half months and still fits in newborn clothes :/.

Now change of subject Connor is much better we've changed his diet and has had no more problems we did read into it and one cause of it is a stressful life changing event.... hmmm wonder what that could be? Because of this I felt he needed some normalcy brought back in and for now on every few Sundays me and him are going to the park, just the two of us, just like what we did last year. Jus some Mommy and Connor time. We went today though not for to long it was a bit cooler out and started to hail about a half hour in but it was still nice to get out just the two of us while daddy stayed home and watched Aiden.

Can't wait until we can go again!


Telisha Garris said...

Love the you and conner time - he's not the only one who needs some play time!
Very sorry about Aiden! I wish I could help.
Praying he gets better at this soon!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I'm not the right person to ask about bottles as I've never used one. But two thoughts - have you tried putting him to the breast or is that too much to ask him to do? The other is, have you tried changing the teats on the bottles? There are some which are more nipple-like than others. It may be a case of trying several different ones until you find one he likes. Maybe put some milk on the outside of the teat so he knows what's in there?
How old does he have to be before you can dump the bottles and go for a cup? My older son had boiled water in a baby cup at 4 months, I don't know if they can have cups younger than that?
In the olden days it used to be a spoon if baby wasn't feeding well (when I was a baby they used to give babies sugared water on a spoon "until the milk came in" before they knew the value of colostrum!!!)

Ask around the special needs forums to see what other people have done. Good Luck!!

Heather said...

I unfortunately cannot try breast feeding because the milk is to thin and he could still aspirate on it ( go into his lungs instead of his tummy), otherwise I would try that! I've tried three bottles with different nipples nothing is working! It all stems down to the tube and him having a negativity affiliation to his mouth :/.