Saturday, September 22, 2012

6 months post op and genetics

First off yesterday marked 6 months since Aiden's surgery. His sacre looks so good!

Hardly noticeable right? I forgot to mention that the night that he turned 6 months he started rolling from his tummy to his back. He can now roll both ways! Way to go little guy!

We went to Primary's so he can be seen by the genetic cardiologist group. 30% of kids with heart defects have genetic issues. They don't believe he has any. They kept going on about is eyes being farther a part then normal. I told him he may look like a little white boy but there is Hawaiian and Asian in him! They don't want to see him again. There worried about his slow weight gain. I'm not hes growing! He know weighs  pound  ounces and is 24 and a half inches long.

I went and looked at photos of Connor.
Eyes look the same to me width wise.

Was going to write more but both boys are up and its now much harder to type lol.

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Telisha Garris said...

No known genetic issues! Whew - one more thing ticked off the list to worry about!
I agree his eyes look fine!(especially knowing his heritage)
He is growing slowly - but at least he is GROWING!!!