Thursday, September 6, 2012

Butter, Super mom and the cold feet.

the photo on the right was taken the day Aiden was released from the hospital the onsie he is wearing was the first piece of clothes he has ever worn. On the right that's him wearing the same onsie. He's still little but he feels a lot bulkier when I hold him now. He doesn't feel as fragile as he used to feel. Which makes this momma very happy!

I took Connor to the Ped on Tuesday for his 4 year well child check up and shots. The shots part was not fun! He well freaked out about them :/. No matter what I said to him it did nothing to ease his mind and he fought to have the shots done. He needs one more shot but I'm going  to wait on that one he needs it before he starts school. I have time. He is now 42 inches tall! My little guy is getting so big I can't believe that he is 4 years old where did the time go? Seriously where did it go? He's doing great no surprise there! I was told again that if I wanted to I could hold him back a year in school. I will wait and see because as of now maturity wise? He's not ready. He's smart knows his shapes, colors can't count to 20 and can recite his alphabet. But ask that kid to sit or do something he does not want to do and watch out!! He is very head strong and somethings do end up in a fight or him screaming.

While there Aiden cam up I mentioned that I had started him on solids and my Ped suggested something I didn't think a pediatrician would suggest. Aiden needs as many calories as he can get a high calorie diet is a must for this little guy! So he told me with his veggies and fruits I should add melted butter to them all to give him a calorie burst. Yes you read that right butter! Ha!

I also want to give a big thank you to my cousin and her the post she made.
She nominated me for a Super mom reward *smiles*. Her post is here.

Lastly I just want to say how thankful I am for Intermountain Healing Hearts. There is a group on facebook and the ladies there have eased my mind more times then I can count! Its a group of mom's who have children who have a CHD and go to Primary's, there are also members who themselves have a CHD. It helps so much being able to ask other moms things that a normal baby would not have. I wen there today because Aiden at times has very cold feet that are at times purple.  There responses help so much! Knowing that some kids whose heart are fully healed show this is a huge relief! My hubby I and the boys are going to do a walk they have going Saturday down in Provo. Looking forward to meeting these other moms.


Telisha Garris said...

:) You are a Super Mom!

Ali said...

You are indeed a Super Mom! I loved the post your cousin wrote. So sweet.

I am happy that IHH has been able to put your mind at ease for so many things! They have done the same for me time and time again! <3

Kerrigan said...

We were told the same thing with our oldest son.Put butter in everything and on everything.
Way to go Supermom!!