Monday, September 17, 2012

Does it get easier?

Man he doesn't have his next appointment until Thursday at Primaries but I'm already nervous about it! I mean not just nervous I'm having small panic attacks.. crap. Its been a long time since I've had panic attacks! But these appointments just put me on edge and its not even his normal cardiologist we are seeing! There not even checking his heart this time! Its an evaluation on how his development is. they want to make sure hes on track and not to far behind.. I know he's not. I know there is no reason to worry about this appointment, but I can' help it! The last two cardio apps were like bomb shells in my lap what the hell will this one end up as???????

Will I ever not be on edge about these appointments?


Ali said...

So sorry sweetie, but nope. They are always going to be hard. We've never had any worry about Tanner's heart since his repair, and I still get super stressed out and panic attacks prior to any of his appointments (heart or not). Oh... the life of a heart mom! Hugs and prayers to you. Love you and your sweet sweet boy!

Telisha Garris said...

He is healthy, happy and growing.
The other appointments hurt, but they were still filled with hope.

He has a future.
Someday soon he will be learning to ride a bike.
Someday soon he will start his first day of school.
Someday soon he will be "to old for kisses"
Someday soon you won't have to worry.
Just breathe until then ;)

Kerrigan said...

Heather, unfortunately for me its always stressful.As you know with their heart anything can happen at anytime.Broc is 5 and I still stress about his yearly apps.
Lots of hugs and please let us know how it goes.