Sunday, September 23, 2012

Connorisms part 1

  • Put Connor in a tank top and he looks at me rubs his arm and says: Mommy I can't wear this my arms are to long!
  •  ME: Hey get Santa out of your mouth! 
  •  Me: Connor what flavor cake do you want for your birthday?
    Connor: Cranberry!
  • I dreamt that mommy was delivering pizza and had donuts on her head!
  •  Was at the store and this guy cut me off and I had to go around him to get out. As I passed him Connor went sorry! Next aisle the guy does it again and Connor goes excuse you! I keep a straight face and said no hunny its excuse me. I quickly leave the aisle and start laughing. Nice how kids can get away with something you would not be able to and yeah thought the words!
  • Connor was trying to get daddy's attention  so I say: Connor say the magic word. He looks at me and says magic word? I nod he runs off and starts saying well magic words lol.
  • When seeing any child: Is that my friend? 
  • What he calls Aiden: My Aiden! 
  • Me tell me a story : Connor there was a dinosaur pirate that ate  mot meat. Mot meat is made from tumbleweeds cooked using a feather.


Telisha Garris said...

Seriously love them! Glad you wrote them down!

Kerrigan said...

Those are really cute.Love the minds of young kids.

Heather said...

I had it as a draft for quiet some time just added to it slowly tell I felt there was enough to post ;).