Sunday, October 28, 2012


Been reading about different things about bullying and its got me thinking on how my kids will be about it. Connor is one friendly kid. He is not shy at all and will go up to any kid and try to interact with them, no matter who they are. Though he does  gravitate towards girls more. He calls everyone his friend and generally speaking he wants to friend everyone he can. Now if you push this kid he will push back he doesn't back down, which is very challenging as a parent. it make you want to pull your hair out kind of thing. Now I do feel with Connor if he is bullied and with the zero tolerance rule I think will be seeing him get suspended.  You see if a kid fights back even if there not the one being the bullier an just defending themselves they'll suspend that kid to and Connor will. I've never agreed to this policy tone way to get a bullier to stop is to stand up for yourself but they don't want that and I think that's wrong. I know others will disagree with me but that's my opinion about that.

Now I am more worried about Aiden just because kids can be very very cruel. Will they make fun of him for his scar? If he stays small I know they will go after him for that. Kids are mean about stuff like that and it does worry me. His personality is starting to emerge and I can't tell how he will be around others/ he does seem shy around big groups. When we are about and I holding him he buries his head into my shoulder, but could be just to much going on and hes going into overload. he's to young to tell yet.

Only thing I can say is that were going to know Connor's teachers and possible principle very well. Some of the rules now a days like you can't say Merry Christmas! Will not go well wit this kiddo!


Telisha Garris said...

I agree about being worried about my son and standing up for himself - this being scared will only last so long - and right now the only two reasons he has not stood up for himself is A. The bully is much older & B. He doesn't want to get into trouble.
I see a snap coming.
I am scared.

As for your two - only time will tell.
This is the first year we have had an issue and it coincides with a HUGE budget cut to special need classes - classes like Behavioral classes.

Hopefully this will be fixed and the violent kids will be moved to appropriate classes when A is older.
It depends on who is in office at the time ;(

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I have to disagree about standing up for yourself by physically thumping the other person! Having worked in Primary and High Schools, it doesn't work, it just escalates the violence as friends and older siblings get called in to "help".
The only solution is "tell a teacher" (or any other adult) and keep telling them until it stops. By all means stand up for yourself - but do it verbally!
My younger brother tried the physical way himself and just got flattened, bullies tend to be bigger than the average victim too!
My older son is a quiet child but he has a good network of friends which will be his best protection against bullies when he starts High School in 2 years time (eek!). I'm sure both your boys will be fine.