Thursday, October 18, 2012

Time out thursday- the Zoo

So what did we do that made my week? we went to the zoo finally!!! Had yet to go becasue it has just been to hot for my cute little Aiden, but we finally went. I've always loved going to the zoo since I was a little girl. And when we went? I had more fun then I had in sometime. They opened a new section a while back that includes a polar bear, seals, otters and grizzly bears. Unfortunately the otters were never out, bit bummed about that I LOVE otters oh well. Maybe next time.  Below are a few pictures from the new sections.

 The polar bear kept swimming up to us. So cool!
Love love this picture.
 Of course my boys were also there Aiden just chilled seriously he is such a mild baby!
 And Connor posed whenever and however he could!

What's a zoo trip without the lion drinking fountain???

I,I, I want the knife.... please

Also we got to see two of the baby animals a snow leopard and baby giraffe. Connor said seeing the baby giraffe made him happy. :)

 At one point I was walking up the hill with Connor saw the tiger was really close to a fence and made Connor run with me to see him
.Lastly I just really like how this picture turned out his cheeks are so full of nuts!

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