Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wanted to pass this on from an old coworker:

Hello to my old coworkers!  I wish I had a happier reason to contact you. In case you haven’t seen the local news the past few days, there’s a missing elderly man named Fritz Helland from the east Millcreek area here in Salt Lake.  He’s my husband’s grandfather.  He’s been missing since Wednesday afternoon when he was last seen just south of his home near 3300 south and I-215 walking his dog Odin (a miniature Doberman pinscher).   He is 80 years old about 5’ 11’ with blue eyes and white hair.  He was last seen on foot (his vehicle is still at home) wearing a light tan jacket.  The small black and brown dog he was with is also missing.  The prevailing theory is that he may have gotten lost Wednesday evening and sought shelter.  Thursday and Friday brought wet weather and freezing temperatures.  Although the official search for him has ended, the police and the family would like to ask property owners all over the east side of the valley to please check sheds, garages, or anywhere he could be hidden. If you live in the Salt Lake Area, please check your property and please forward this to anyone in the area you can think of. 

Thank you very much,Jessica

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