Sunday, November 11, 2012


So we got two parakeets earlier this year one died but the other is dong well my hubby has been wondering for sometime on if the bird was a boy or a girl. Well we found this week what she is. And yes its definitely a she! I had no idea that a bird by itself would lay eggs, but she did at first just three but now its up to six.  Now these eggs are duds of course I mean we only have one bird so no baby birds. Thankfully. we got enough on our hands we don't need little baby birds!

I must say Connor has been so good with this birds, the bird is his named her Tootles (Mickey Mouse Club House). He changes her water all teh tiem and tells us when her food needs to be changed. NOw I had to look up what to do about her eggs. Right now we leave them be we ahve to wait until she abondons them before we can take the eggs out, If we take them to soon she'll just lay more eggs. Which I read can be bad for her so wait it out is what we will do.

Funny thing is my mom has a yellow parakeet and now keeps looking for eggs. The story behind how they got there bird and name for it is to good. My son was in there back yard with grandpa and a yellow bird flew by and hit there fence. My dad went over saw what it was picked her up and went and got my mom. An avid bird lover. Well she went and got her old bird cage put the bird in it. They did look to see if anyone had a missing bird missing and there was nothing. So they kept the bird and named it Thump.. becasue the bird thumped into there fence and got a home. Like I said cute story :).

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Piper said...

I've had parakeets for the past sixteen years :) My current birdies are the daughter and granddaughter of my original birds