Thursday, November 22, 2012


I wanted to make a special post for Thanksgiving. If anything this year has shown me that there are many things for me to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving and here is what I ma thankful for!

  • The Ultrasound technician who felt something did not look right with my unborn babies heart.
  • For my Doctor who felt we needed to investigate into it more and sent me up to Primary Children's Medical center.
  • For the Echo that discovered the problem with his heart that would give him his fighting chance.
  • For the surgeon who saved my babies life.
  • For the family who said yes to tissue donation and helped saved my babies life.
  • For the nurse who sat next to me and talked the day after his surgery, when I was saliently in despair knowing my Aiden was in pain but could do nothing to help. She got me laughing and smiling during that time.
  • My older son who's smile and wacky sense of humor helped me through those days Aiden was in the hospital.
  • My husband who kept me grounded through all of this.
  • My mom with0out her I believe this journey would have been much to hard for me to have handled. I'm thankful she is there for us everyday. The fact she watches my boys each day while I ma work gives me a piece of mind. I know there sin a place that they are both safe and loved. 
  • My dad who seems to know the right moment to give me a hug.
  • My brother whose wit gets me laughing . Who gets me to go and play video games because he knows its on outlet that has helped me in the past.
  • Aiden's smiles and laughs! OH how do I love my boys so!
  • Intermountain healing hearts. Having other women who has gone through what I am going through has been a life saver! They have put my mind at ease many times
  • I am also thankful for all of my friends on facebook and on here. Everyone's encouragement has helped me so
Thank you all.


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Telisha Garris said...

I am thankful that this year closes with smiles and thanksgiving.
Your boys are both so precious!