Sunday, November 18, 2012

We won something really?

So on Thursday my hubby got an e-mail starting that he won an XBOX. Are first thoughts? Yeah right, even though it was from a haunted house that he had helped out with last month. He had entered the contest just or the heck of it. Someone has to win though normally its not us. it was to late to call tat night so we waited until the next morning and low and behold yup he won an Xbox 4 games and a TV!

Above is the prize packet he won. he picks it up tomorrow. So yay! It also going to help with Christmas presents I ad no idea what to get hubby now there are games he wants so there's that. But yup we actually won something! :D

Tough on a side note I got a letter that I may have Jury Duty sometime between 11/26-11/30. I am really, really hoping its not the 26th! I have that day off to go and help decorate a tree for the festival of trees with Intermountain Healing Hearts so cross fingers I don't get called in that day. Or well I'll be pissed off! I have not taken one day off this year for me! That day was for me and now I may not get to do it :/.


Telisha Garris said...

I never get selected for jury duty they always say words like too opinionated and let me go.
Hoping you get your day off!

LOVE the prizes! I am not a huge x-box'r but still WOW!
And a new TV! That ROCKS!!!

ricketyjo said...

Congrats! I hope you guys have lots of fun with the prizes!