Monday, November 26, 2012

Tis the season

So I got up Sunday with Aiden long before anyone else got up in the house like normal. We didn;t ahve much food in the hosue so I got Aiden ready and headed to the store. I decided to put him in the seat in the cart instead of his car seat because he is 8 months old and can sit up by himself. he;s just little.

This is basically how he looked the entire time! He didn't try to bit it at least and near the end he just held onto my hands, but yes I think he prefers the car seat and he is still small enough to keep him in the portable one. Think I'll wait until he is a bit bigger before trying this again.

After we got back and Connor got up about an hour later. We pulled up the rest of the ornaments and Connor helped put them up.  I tried to take a few pictures of both boys in front of the tree, but as of late Connor just wouldn't have it! I'll try to get a picture of him later.  I got a great one of Aiden swith his tongue out! I've wnated tog et one of those he likes o stick his tongue out at you and seriuosly this kid's got a tongue!

So how did I get him to do that smile?  Just had to sing when I was taking the picture and also got lucky when it got taken.


Piper said...

We use a cart cover for ours--a wide strap holds them snugly under the arms and provides extra support so a long cart trip is more comfy :) Izzy is just now getting to the point where she doesn't want the cover and just wants to sit with the regular cart belt :p

Heather said...

I do need to get one of those... as soon as we have extras money!