Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Heart World

This world we got thrown into can be so hard and its not fair! Aiden thankfully is doing oh so well. I won't know anything until next year about what we may need to do in the future and I'm trying not to dwell on it just enjoy him as he is now. The cutie started blowing raspberries today and well its cute, but oh so very messy!

My mind is on one particular little heart hero tonight her name is Kylie and she isn't doing well. Was born with a half a heart her only chance is a heart transplant. She and Connor are 3 days a part in age. When i see pictures of her I can't help but think of Connor, she looks like a girl version of Connor, even has the spunk that Connor has.  Its coming down to the point that she may not have much time left. her family is trying to spend all the time with her as they can in the hospital. my heart breaks for them all I can do is hold my boys tight and now how lucky I am to have those two! Aiden's defects are nothing compared to others.

I can do little to help her Kylie or her family I can only ask for those who have not said yes for organ donation to think about it. It could save so many lives. Its not an easy think to talk about, but please think about it. Think of Kylie who has been listed for over 200 days and in the hopsital for 100 of that. give life to another in I know would be the hardest situation you have ever been in. For more information about this cutie go check out her care page on facebook.  http://www.facebook.com/KyliesLubADub

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