Monday, August 26, 2013


His cardiology appointment went well. They basically wanted to make sure he was well enough for surgery. They checked his weight ans height, he gained 6 ounces since last weight check. Then they did an EKG, saturation and four point blood pressure. He stayed very calm though it all. It helped the nurse blew bubbles while she did the tests so instead of focusing on them he was playing with bubbles. He shook his head no when she was putting the monitor on his toe to look at his saturation levels. They said he is healthy enough for surgery. The EKG does show that his right side of his heart is larger then the left. Which they said they do expect.
We go in the ninth doe preop they are going to make sure the surgeon also works on his rib cage which has some calcium build up. They will try to have it so it does not stick out much. The surgery itself will last suburban hour to two hours minimal amount of time on bypass. Prep will tale the longest. He should hopefully only be on the respirator until that night or next morning. If it all goes well he may be there for three to four days possibly longer. He will just need sometime to heal after.

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