Thursday, August 15, 2013

we have a walker

So A has been walking a little but with hesitation but as of Wednesday that stopped and he basically walked all say! Bumped his head twice because of said walking. I am hoping because he is filly walking now he will not regress with that due to his surgery.

Starting to figure out what needs to be done for said surgery. One thing us we can bring one of his toys or blankets but it needs to be labeled. Well can't handle being without his blanket. Since my mom has a embroidery machine. His name will be embroidered on one of his blankets. Hopefully that will sleep his blanket separate from the hospital ones.Really so not want it to be lost.

Really dreading the talk I will need to so with big brother won't be giving  him details yet. He deserves to have fun for his birthday before he learns the full details of what is going on. Genoa already acting stresses about stuff and  I know he is just feeding off all of us, he is a smart kkd he knows something is going on :(.

That's all for now for some reason I have been in the mood to post on here. Helps me cope.

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