Saturday, August 17, 2013

His chest

One of our kitties died on Thursday had a hard time explaining it to Connor. Took him a while to understand but late that night it did finally get through to him and he broke down . I held on to him until he finally fell asleep for the night. She was my husband's cat and had always been in Connor's life. She will be missed. Eventually we will be getting another cat but not for sometime.

I recently to a picture of A and it showed how his chest healed after his surgery.

Admitting it has bothered me and I do hope it heals better after his next surgery. No this does not cause him any pain an  he does not act like he even noticed it. So I  is more of a cosmetic issue but kids are cruel!  He doesn't need extra stuff to be made fun of. Mow his scar that is fine  I want him to be proud of that just like I said kids are mean.

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