Thursday, October 20, 2011


So works gotten crazier and suddenly find out in-laws coming out Nov 7-11 my house seriously in no condition for visitors been to tired AND I won't even be able to spend much time with them, its Monday through Friday... hello working all that week I can't take time off saving all vacation for maternity leave, because I can't take none payed time off... I have something called a mortgage :/. And there is no way in hell going to clean tonight done OT last few days, today included and I just need to sit right now!


Joysze said...

((((HUUUUGS)))) I'm sure your inlaws won't mind that your house isn't immaculate. They'll understand that you're busy and maybe they can help out?

Hope you get some time to relax this weekend.

Blessed Rain said...

To make matters worse you now have to work Saturday! I am sure though that you will LOVE to see them clean house or not ;)