Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I suck at titles

OK going to try to do a quick update I'll see how it goes my little boy keeps fighting for the computer it makes posting.. interesting. Anyways  figured I mention some updates. I mentioned a while back that my sister in law was getting checked for cancer , well test results are back and shes cancer free :D. Now onto my niece they are still doing test and the little one and they do not know what is exactly wrong with her yet. Next week she goes in for colonoscopy. Hopefully this one will give the doctors some idea of wahts going on! Can only hope.

Talking about medical stuff hubby went in week and a half ago for ultrasound of his heart. His BP was high and they suspected he might have a slightly swollen heart. They have yet to call back with any results. But his BP is back to normal.

Work will; be interesting tomorrow not looking forward to it.  There trying to get ISO certified and this is a preliminary audit. Some aspects I'm hearing about is going to make things close to impossible to do.  One thing is we have to stay dust free, really hard due to our neighbors, a place that makes mulch. Lets just say I cleaned everything yesterday and new layer of dust today, and  I mean visible layer of dust! As a coworker stated for this to work we'd have to move the lab!

Well that's about it really. Can't think of any other big updates... oh wait one last thing. My cousin who is very pregnant goes into tomorrow night to be induced she should have her baby girl on Thursday. I imagine she's re leaved, cause she has gestational diabetes and been on a strict diet of mainly cheese and meat no carbs... ouch.


Dawn Marie said...

wow, I hope your cousin has the baby soon, and that both of them are fine.
I'm not sure how you will manage dust free, but if they want that ISO certification so bad they may end up moving your lab. God to know your hubby's BP is back to normal. We wish you both the very best, which always include good health for you and your loved ones.

Blessed Rain said...

Wow! Praying for you hubby and your cousin! ISO is not easy and it does sound like they would have to move - staying dust free is not easily accomplished!
Praying also for your good health as well as for your baby!