Thursday, October 13, 2011

My cute neice

This is my neice who has been really sick as of late isn't she just a little cutie? This was taken by her mom before she went in to have her colonoscopy.  So glad they did it because turns out if they hadn't within a week or two she may not have been with us anymore :/. But thanks to modern medicine she will be fine!

So here's what happened they get her in and the doctor starts scoping her but doesn't go far...looks shocked takes out the scope quickly in tells my SIL that they need to do surgery on her right now. thankfully  she was already under and did not need anymore prep work so she consents and a huge polyp  is removed.  turns out what they had thought was her intestines that she had pushed out when trying to go potty one time was in fact the polyp.

It was so big that it was blocking waste from leaving her body if they had waited to long to find and remove it the waste could have ended up in her stomach which would have killed her.  This also explains why she had not been eating nor drinking well. The polyp (which can also turn cancerous) has been removed and she is now recovering.

 Also just learned as in while I was writing this  how a little girl this young could form a polyp this big. If the mother is physically abused while pregnant these can form from stress. now I should say my SIL was not abused but she was also not the one carrying her. She is adopted my SIL can not have children and was given this girl from well her sister in law who was abused. Important thing is she's fine and in a loving home,. just wish I could giver her a huge, but Hawaii is so far away.


Blessed Rain said...

Its truly amazing how something so horrible can be so easily fixed if detected in time. I am deeply thankful that they were able to save her! Miracles happen every day!

Dawn Marie said...

I am so glad that they found that and fixed her in time! She is adorable, and it's wonderful that she will continue being adorable..until maybe her teen years, but then I'm sure she will be great after some of those moments pass. ;)

Rhianna said...

WoW! That is so shocking! We are so fortunate for modern medicine. I'll say it again and again. Glad she's recovering. Poor kiddo, I can't imagine how scary all this was for her.