Monday, December 17, 2012

Basketball and doctor appointment

 First off I took Aiden in for his 9 month wellness check up. He gained 4 ounces in a week, which for him is really good. I was happy with it! He continues to gain just slowly.  Now he just needs to want to be mobile. I put him down one place and move away and instead of trying to come to me he seems content being were he is at and so doesn't try to move.
I wanted to mention something that happened last week just never got around to it. Last week the owner of my work had a meeting, something I didn't remember him ever doing. Usually the end of the year meeting is held by the big boss. Anyways he goes in front of us all and starts talking about Aiden. He was going on about how he could not imagine dealing with what we dealt with. he mentioned that when his son was little he got really sick for 2 days and had a hard time. he got really emotional this part basically to tears. he then grabbed a bag and pulled out a basketball and Utah Jazz jersey and gave it to us saying that he knows he can;t us it now but he WILL be using it in the future. I was so touched by his gesture and wanted to take some pictures of Aiden with the ball and jersey they turned out so cute even with my cat sneaking in to the background. Have I ever mentioned my cat likes babies? He's a silly cat.

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