Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Festival of trees part 2

Sorry lacking in posts haven't been up for it as of late. Had a bad stomach bug last week that keeps reappearing from time to time with all of us, boys included. Yup it's Aiden's first cold. No fun at all! We did go to the Festival of trees on Saturday. They sold all of the trees, wreaths and quilts! Such a great cause :).
My boys and the tree I helped with :).

Connor loved this tree!


Had me crying.

Loved the tree skirt on this one didn't take a picture of the tree. had the Tin man's heart, oil can, the courage medal and diploma. Was great.

Another one Connor liked.

Just loved this! Bath tube and all!

Hand made I want this kitchen set for my boys!

One of the play houses people make for it!

This one is from a group I was with in College we started the sports thing but they really took off with it!

Family's had rival teams so rival trees!

Not sure why but I loved this one!

Look at all the trees!


I loved how they did this start its made out of legos.

The tree I helped with


Rhianna said...

So much awesome! So glad you shared your pics. Those trees are freaking epic. We're still working on our Star Wars tree now that the traditional one is done. Hopefully this coming weekend we'll get the stuff on it.

Heather said...

Our tree admittingly is full of Hallmark ornaments including a lot of Star Wars and Star Trek ships lol.

Telisha Garris said...

My tree this year is very understated, silver, blues and a few small splashes of color on a white tree.
Yet I love it.
I also LOVE the festival of trees, such a unique and lovely fundraising idea.
Love how your tree turned out - glad you didn't have to spend the day at jury duty.