Saturday, December 8, 2012


OK so I really needed to do an update for a while now just haven't gotten around to it! Overall were all doing well. The stomach bug we had last week sucked! Aiden didn't keep any milk down for eh first 24 hours only pedilyte. I tried to give it to him via sippy cup and not surprisingly he didn't like using it. Kept gagging. I figured anything but the one bottle he will take will take a long time for him to use.
he spent the next few days throwing up a few times a day. I really hope he this didn't effect him to much weight wise we will find out Monday when he has his first synagis shot.Learned more about the shot it is in fact antibodies. They don't stop the cold from happening git just helps them fight it.

Last week I put Aiden into an outfit that Connor wore when he was 2 and a half months old thought I could show how little Aiden really is.

Connor with Santa

 I did try  something with Aiden the other day. He simply does not show inclination  in crawling. But he likes to stand. He uses my hands to help him stand up over and over. I decided to see if I stood him up against a wall to see if he would stand.

He did! Lastly wanted to show s picture of a star we made for a tree at work. Loved how it turned out!

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