Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Connorisms part 2

  • Get your hands out of the potty!
  •  After listening to Aiden cry because he had his shots Connor goes "We need to call the Doctors so they can tell Aiden sorry."
  • To any minor problem: "I'm sorry mommy!"
  • "Talk to me zombie. Mommy he needs to talk." 
  •  I put aiden down he started crying Connor looked at me grunted and said " Mommy pick up your baby he's crying!"
  • Me trying to get Connor to brush his teeth "Hunny you need to brush your teeth or they'll fall out." Connor "But Mommy I want them to fall out so I can put it in a bag and the tooth fairy will come and bring money." 
  • At a party yelling as loud as he could "Everybody! Look over here!"
  • Opening the door to each person coming to the house for said party " Welcome to the Christmas party!".
  • Woman at the store sees I'm trying to exit the isle and not so subtly pushes her cart so that it blocks the exit Connor looks at her and then the baby in the cart and exclaims" You forgot you baby!"

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