Saturday, December 22, 2012

Its OK!

I was looking at the post I made one year ago today: let it be ok . I remember that day oh so well. It was the day I was told there might be something wrong with my unborn babies heart. The part I remember the most is waiting in the waiting room for the nurse to call me back and talk with my Doctor. I was scared and crying in the waiting room. I probably scared a lot of other expecting mom's that day. Think the thing that bothered me the most at that time was the unknown territory I was about to adventure in. Was there a problem with his heart or where they seeing something that wasn't there? Of course we now know there was and I would learn more about his heart a month later and all of what we would en devour after.

All I want to tell that scared girl in the waiting room that yes he won't be the perfectly healthy baby that everyone dreams about. But that's ok! because he's ok heck he's perfect! well his heart still isn't but that's ok he's a wonderful little guy whose little hands go cray every time he sees you showing how much he wants you to hold him and play with him! What a differnce a year makes.

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Telisha Garris said...

Truly one hundred percent okay!
He is doing well and is your joy!
This has been a long but wonderful year - may the next year be even better!