Wednesday, September 11, 2013


We are home!!! Do you believe it? Because I don't! Feel like I was on  rollercoaster that alphas a huge build up an  then tiny drop at the end. He is already acting normal. He is eating without any problems now the anesthesia is out of his system. His echo and EKG looks good we will be back in four weeks. Now we get to see if he grow from the sound of things he should. The hole was really big an  a lot of blood was flowing the wrong way. So a lot of his calories was  being used for that though it did not slow him down at all! I wan  to say thanks to Doctor Grey for believing he could fix hos heart via a Cath and then proving he could an  big thank you to everyone  who has been showing love an  support for us it has helped us a lot.

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Kerrigan said...

So happy you are home.