Friday, September 13, 2013

The Details

I figured I should writer a more detailed post of what went on this week not only for my readers but for myself as well. I want to tell Aiden about all of this later and wan  to write it while it is still relatively fresh in my mind.

On Monday night I dropped Connor off of at Grandma's since we needed to get to the hoe early the next day. My big guys nerves were on edge ans he ended up throwing up. This was definitely rough on him! He continued to complain about being sick until we all got home. He's fine now!

After dropping him off we went to bed early since we needed to be up at four. A had different plans he decided to ask  up at one wanting a bottle at that point he coil  only have clear liquids ans when I have them to him he was mad. Daddy ended up sitting with him the remainder of the night while I tried to sleep. Needless to say we did not get much sleep. I got the most so drove to the hospital that morning. Took an hour and half to get through pre  open. A was overall calm the whole time. We did have some surprised nurses when they learned he was set up for both a Cath and possibly surgery after. Apparently that's not normal.

Now the main reason they were unsure if a Cath would work is because he is such a little guy and the hole is really big. Dr Grey felt there was a good chance to fix the hole and wan to try. He was taken back at 7:45 for the Cath. He was very calm the whole time and did not cry when I handed him over to the nurse. His calmness helped this mom a lot! We were given a beeper and after eating headed up to the waiting room. The Cath was actually pretty fast the beeps went off just before ten.

Dr Grey pulled us in his office full of smiles since he was able to close the hole!  All that build.up and no heart surgery in the end.  Still trying to get used to that. So happy for technology.  Thee device it rather large but so far it's holding. They checked his aorta and saw that yes it was narrowing so they ballooned that as well. If they had not it will  have meant another trip to the Cath lab next year. We headed back to the waiting room to  and told them the Cath worked and no surgery!! Finally was called back to see him no big wounds, tubes, for breathing tube. He looked great. They gave me Apple juice to try to give him but he was not awake enough for it.

Overall his recovery in the hospital went well. He just did not do well with the anesthesia. His first swallow of Apple juice came back. Along with everything else he drank that day They gave him fluids via IV that night.

He at several visitors, grandma, grandpa and his uncle. Brother went him  with daddy who had a fun time at the zoo with grandma and grandpa before they visited brother.

The next morning we headed down for an echo and EKG. He took a ride in  wagon. The results cam  back good. I was so proud o  him because the echo was not sedated and he held still gor

We were out of there ans on our way home at noon on Wednesday. Almost gel  like we were sneaking  our could no believe we were able  to go home so quickly!

Overall he is doing well still throwing up from time to time and not sleeping well at night but that's normal for A after any Doctor stuff and thus be was a bigger deal then others.. 


Telisha Garris said...

That is truly wonderful news! Praying this is the LAST surgery he will need!

Piper AndTheKids said...

I am so happy for you guys :) it is WONDERFUL that A didn't have to go through OHS!

My oldest son doesn't do well with anesthesia, either--he throws up for hours afterward :/ he's had two surgeries this past year (orthopedic, not heart--he's HH) and both times we spent a long time in recovery waiting for anti-nausea meds to work well enough to keep liquids down