Saturday, September 7, 2013

Candle in the dark

I feel so much lighter today with just the fact my little guy may not have open heart surgery. I do  not realize how much it has been weighinghing me down until after that phone call. Yes I do know he may still an  up having surgery but before it was th  only thing they could do. Now? Now there is a chance he does not and that make  me happy just the chance of not needing it that a Cath can fix his heart. Yes it did bother me that they were nit going yo do a Cath so them calling and changing the plans yay!

We got up early this Mormon  because hubby was going to go to comic con with my brother  an  I was going to go to Hallmark with my mom while  grandpa watched the boys. It was nice getting out for a bit without the boys. It's been a while. We ended up getting there to early. They were no  opened yet so ended up at Target. We ended up buying two Halloween shirts for my oldest because he loves Halloween a lot! Also got something for A on clearance. They do not have any Halloween stuff foe his age big bummer there.

This kid can and will wear them year round. Also stopped at the dollar section because they have some good deals. Bought some tape, wrapping paper and a shark book for Connor. Also bought some M&Ms to try a new flavor pumpkin spice there not bad little strange but not bad I prefer the mint ones.

By then Hallmark was open and went and bought the ornament I have been waiting for. Special edition of the mischievous kitty's set. Also ended up buying  Now for Connor because yeah can not resist.

Lastly we stopped at Yankee candles cause my mom had a coupon. I ended up buying a candle as a joke for my husband. He is Hawaiian an  hate  how they lab something as Hawaiian by just adding pineapple to it, ticks him off. He also hates cilantro calls it a weed goes of if he says anything that has it in it so this candle just cracked m  up!

It was so worth two dollars!

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