Friday, September 6, 2013

Cath lab here we come

Cardiology called and there has been a change in plans for Tuesday.  They had a care conference and  they believe that they can fix the hole  in his heart via a heart catheterization. For information  the procedure go here. If this work them no OHS an  a much faster discovery. Usually  only stay over night instead of 3-4 days. Healing  is much faster! No breaking his ruins, opening him up stopping  his heart of bypass!

He will be the first case of the day because I  it does not work he will go from there to surgery and things will proceed as originally planned.   I am hoping the Cath works but I admit they scare me a little but they are so much less evasive that it would be easier on him ans on all of us. We will fond out Tuesday I will update on that day.


Piper AndTheKids said...

I hope they are able to every thing with the cath so he can avoid OHS!

Heather Manley said...

I am really hoping it works. Would be so much better on him!