Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Broken Heart Healed

When we were given the news that there was something wrong with my unborn child's heart my world shattered. As someone described it at work I became mad at the world and he told me there is nothing wrong with that. He had been there himself when he was fighting cancer. Yesterday he stopped me and asked me how my little guy was doing, because he could tell I had changed. Changed in the same way that being told he was now cancer free had done to him. And yes I do feel better, lighter. Dare I say happy?

I am amazed and in awe with this little boy. His broken heart had been affecting him so much more then I could  have  imagine!  I of course knew about his growing restraint but there is so much more! He is more active, did not think he coil done more active but he is!
 His vocabulary has increased instead of saying daddy he says daddy an  tries to repeat what we say. The other  night kept saying no and his name an  He started running from me laughing an  saying his name over and over again! He had never said his man  before! We call for Jo's brother to come here he yells for him to. All new in just the last week. Wow just wow. It is fin seeing what he is doing mow! Can't wait until my boys can play a bit tougher together where there don't the worry about a A being so little. Big brother want  it to! His accomplishments have fixed this mommy's broken heart. Keep falling more and more in love with these boys of mine.

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