Sunday, September 22, 2013

so much better!

A is doing so much better! He is no longer throwing up and he is eating a lot! He has a nice full tummy mow and he feels heavier and bulkier! Right now he does not feel delicate like he  usually does. He also  is sayin  more things. Was calling his name an  He started saying it. When we call his older he starts calling out as well. He also is more active which I honestly did not think he could b  more active!  Now if we can just avoid some colds for a while he will hopefully start catching up.

Glad we decided to start boogie is boy next year with school because this has been hard on him he was so upset when A was in the hospital and when I came to take him to the ER he told me to get him to a doctor now. Also so any germs at school would have been bad for A. Now he will have time to grow bigger then he can have more colds!!!

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