Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I had a rather strange dream last night. Okay the majority of my dreams are bizarre I might start writing about them more often just because of how unique they are. This on was not as weird as then others well I will write what my dream was and you can decide.

We were at the hospital but it was not the hospital we go to for A. It was in fact a building at the community college I went to. Part of that building contained a garage used to teach car repair. We were not in that area but in the front of the building which is very 80's construction. Old wood and dark brick. We were there because the little guy was admitted to the hospital the night before and he was going in for heart surgery. We were on edge my parents were with me. Connor was home with uncle. We were becoming on edge because we were not getting any information.

My mom headed up the stairs to demand what was going on! Minutes later mom came back down smiling in her hands was a hamster(looked like my favorite pet hamster I had growing up). She look at me and shows him to me. You could tell he has been opened up and sewed up. I was told that the surgery went well. I started freaking because she was holding him and he needed to recoup!

She left and I turned and tried to call work since I had not called to say I was not coming in. My phone was not working I finally got through and told them I needed time off to take care of my hamster who had his surgery a week early. Which I never finished saying because I realized how silly that sounded and was waiting for John Cleese to come in and wave his arms saying okay that's enough this has become to silly! I woke up at that point.

If it's not obvious next week is weighing heavily on my mind.

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