Friday, August 24, 2012

Eye exam

OK I took Aiden in on Wednesday to have his eyes checked. Admittingly I was wondering how do they check the eyes of a 5 month old???? Well I found out. We were taken into a room that looked  like a regular eye exam room except for one big addition. On the opposite side of the exam chair was a TV and a mechanical chicken.  Yes that's right a  mechanical chicken.
Was I curious about the chicken? Of course! Did I ask about it? No figured I'd see what it was for! So anyways they first pulled out a bunch of long grey cards. On one side it was blank, the other had a black and white stripped square on one side. The boxes ranged in sizes. basically a card was held up and he would look towards it, usually with no problem at all. only times he didn't look was becasue something else had his interest.

After that test was done I was told the Doctor would be a few minutes and until she got there they would turn on the movie Tangled. To me having a movie turned on while you waited wasn't a good sign. She didn't take as long as I thought and she had me sit in the exam chair with Aiden in my lap.  She then pulled out little puppets and covered one eye while the she moved the puppet in front of his face to watch his eyes in tracking the toys. She used two puppets a cow that mooed and had lights and one of those pinwheel like toys with bright lights. She then turned n the chicken on the far end of the room to make sure that he looked that way. So yup chicken was sued and yes it flapped its wings and clucked! After she finished she said his eyes looked good and there was just one more test to do. She added drops to his eyes and handed me a beeper saying it'll be about 25 minutes.

So out to the waiting room we went  andwaited until we got called back by the beeper. It went off faster the I was expecting. The drops they gave him dilated his eyes so that she could see the back of his eyes. She first put up different lenses to his eyes and said that his eye glass prescription is a normal for a 5 month old so no glasses were needed. The main reason he went was becasue a few months back he had a noticeable lazy eye, but it has gone away. I made this appointment when is was more noticeable but it was a few months before we could get in! She did check for it and she said one eye was slightly off from teh other but it wasn't bad enough to deal with and all she wanted was for us to get it checked out in 6 months. So he goes back in February and now thatts one less thing to worry about!

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Telisha Garris said...

Yeah for another thing to be checked off the worry list!
So glad that he is doing so well!