Saturday, August 18, 2012

Now and then

I pulled out another box of clothes that used to be Connor's Aiden is finally starting to fit on 3-6 month old clothes! Funny but it felt like Christmas in August! It was nice seeing different clothes that I could put Aiden in and some clothes that I do remember Connor being in. In fact one I remembered I had a photo of Connor in them so couldn't help it put Aiden in it to take a picture and then compare pictures. Just have to say and yes I am biased! My boys are so cute!

 For some reason my camera decided to make Aiden's picture look a little bluish in ton oh well. So there's my boys and I can say one they they have the same nose!

Aiden has started to eat solid foods and I seriously can't get it to him fast enough! I am hoping him eating solids will help expand his tummy as I've stated elsewhere i feel like I have a 5 month old with a 1 month old tummy. being n the feeding tube really gave us some problems. The fact it didn't even go in to jis stomach gave many problems. His tummyhasn't been stretched yet and so he feels fuller faster then otehr 5 months old his age so the fact he's eating solids and then drinking afterwards is giving this moma some hope!.

I can already tell that my little guy loves his big brother! He watches him were ever he goes and laughs so much around him. It of course eggs Connor on who loves attention and  is a performer. I would not be surprised if later on Connor goes into drama or something along those lines! Course he could always end up as the class clown.

Today we went out and got all the decorations for the upcoming birthdayparty for Connor, he wanted a dinosaur birthday party.I can't believe my little boy is almost 4! I was looking at old pitures of him from Disney last year and oh my has he grown!

Taken March of 2011 he still had some baby fat there! Now its all gone! He has really changed in the past year and a half!

Lastly I wnated to post one more picture of Aiden as I mention earlier I looked through a box of old clothes and came upon this one outfit which i just had to share I love this outfit its jsut so cute!

He is my little super hero.


Kerrigan said...

Those pics are so cute.My boys were like that too except my smaller one is the HH one and the bigger is Broc.Broc still weighs a couple pounds more than his brother.

Telisha Garris said...

Love the photos! Love your boys so glad that everything is going well!
It's nice to have them so close already!