Sunday, August 19, 2012

The forgetful Mommy

What per say am I forgetful about? That Aiden is 5 months old! he is just so darn little that yes I forget it but he certainly reminds me of it by not acting like the 2-3 month old that he slightly resembles. today is a very good example of this. I was sitting at my desk Aiden in my lap (I was pumping oh joy) and Aiden started to get upset. I couldn't get up yet so ignored him at first that was until he started kicking is legs yelling and then started crying/ screaming. Yup 5 month old had a tantrum caught me off guard!

So when I finally got up he stopped crying! And when I headed to Connor's room were Connor was playing he started to smile and once in the room and he saw Connor started to make his happy noises! Yes I need to stop seeing him as a newborn and instead as a baby his wants are starting to show! I am glad he wanted his brother I truly hope there relationship stays like this it'll make me a very happy momma! Now i do hope he is a little more mellow then Connor but he will be what he will be!

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Telisha Garris said...

Yup he may be tiny but he does know his own mind!
Mama on the computer, boring.
Big Bro in other room, FUN!!!