Monday, August 27, 2012

I hate his cardio appointments!

We had a birthday party for Connor, I plan on posting pictures of it on his birthday so stay tuned for Wednesday!

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OK today I took Aiden to see the cardiologist and let me just say I was worried about it on edge. the whole bit and my feelings turned out to have some baring to them. Got there and waited until they had a room and was taken back. They first took his blood pressure. Took some time for them to get it because he did not want to stay still. I basically had to hold his leg so they could get a reading. After that they checked his height... they didn't tell me what it was and then weight. They said he weighed 11 pounds 15.9 ounces... why they can't just round that to 12 is silly! Guess they know I want him to hit that so lets have him be just barely under it, like if he drank two more swallows of milk he would've registered as 12.

They next did and EKG while he was in my arms, easier for them to do it lots of wires need to do anything to get him calm! So the  girl doping the tests leaves to get his doctor he comes in to tell me that they wasn't to do an impromptu echo because his blood pressure was high. He was on edge, he has mini panic attacks in the Doctor offices so I figured that had caused it.  OH he also has this little bump on his neck and finally fond out that its sticking that's sticking up its been bugging me for some time. Especially since my bother when he was little had a scare dealing with a bump on his neck.

So we wait some more until an echo machine becomes available. I had too calm down Aiden while waiting he finally fell asleep and we were finally moved to an echo room. After much wiggling and holding his hands and  feet  they finished with the echo and we returned to the other room. his Doctor came in and told me things I did not want to hear. First off his ASD has gotten bigger and not smaller and may need repairing when he is 3-4 years of age. Now as long as it does not get to big they can patch it using a cath procedure. If its too big then he will have to undergo OHS.Now he did explain why they did not close it during his first operation. The hole is in his left side of the heart and due to his coarc that side was smaller then it should be and the hole would help it get back to normal size.

Now for the other bad news the narrowing of the arch which was repaired in his surgery is re-narrowing :/. And may need ballooning down the line. Again this would require a cath procedure. They will look at him in 6 months and decide then. For more info on cath go here.

TO say the least I left not feeling over-ally happy. The appointment ended up taking 3 hours and I ended up calling into work and telling them I wasn't coming in that day. I didn't feel I was of teh right mind to go there.


Telisha Garris said...

I really am sorry! I wish that he was growing and improving faster!

Praying for you/him/and the whole family!

Kerrigan said...

Oh Heather I am so sorry you were given all that bad news on one day.
Praying that it can be fixed in the cath lab to avoid OHS.
Hope tom is a better day for you.